Learning in Place

Children not reading proficiently can be linked to neighborhoods of deeply-concentrated poverty, a high degree of transiency, a high teen pregnancy rate and difficulty accessing social services in Springfield. When children enter fourth grade still learning to read, the odds that they will graduate from high school decrease by 75 percent.

Aimed at the families with young children living in OneHolyoke properties, Learning in Place connects residents, agencies and best practices to help more Holyoke children read proficiently by the end of third grade. The initiative seeks to improve a student’s chances of earning a high school diploma.

Learning in Place

Project Asset Map (PAM) Survey

Quality of Life Surveys and Reports:  In partnership with the UMass School of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, Nueva Esperanza Inc. and several other Holyoke-based agencies, OneHolyoke has sponsored the Project Asset Mapping (PAM) Survey.   The results will provide detailed information about resident perceptions of the quality of life, safety and needs of their neighborhoods.

Westfield State University (WSU) prepared a detailed report about the impact of Community Development Corporations on learning in their communities, and heard community voices in Holyoke about a “Learning in Place” plan OneHolyoke is creating.

Thank you to Professor Marijoan Bull and all WSU students for their great work, and to our partner on this project, Nueva Esperanza Inc.

Michael Moriarty discussing Hot Spots at the Public Input Quality-of-Life Meeting

Urban Quality-of-Life Initiative – OneHolyoke has developed a Quality-of-Life Fund with a grant from the Community Development Block Grant awarded by the City of Holyoke Office of Community Development.  Several property owners and businesses contributed additional funding.

The Quality-of-Life Fund provided the following services from 2013-2016:

Public Safety:  Holyoke Police Department Foot Patrols provided over 150 hours of public safety support to locations with a demonstrated need for their presence.  We provided new camera monitoring at a chronic, illegal open-air drug market in the Flats.

Graffiti Abatement:  Over 1,000 square feet of tagged surfaces were cleaned, in areas provided with police coverage and other locations of high public visibility.

Removal of Bulk Trash and Litter: We identified and made small repairs to public infrastructure in target areas.  Alleyway cleanups will be organized and carried out in areas with provided police coverage, as resources allow.

Park Improvements:  We partnered with students at Dean Technical High School and repaired park benches in front of Kelly School.

South Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative (SHSNI)

OneHolyoke is an active member of the South Holyoke Safe Neighborhood Initiative (SHSNI).  This initiative is a partnership between local, state and federal law enforcement; city and state government; civic and human service organizations; faith-based organizations; the business community; education providers; property managers; and residents coming together with a goal to create a safe, healthy and economically-viable neighborhood through information-sharing, referrals and community efforts in the South Holyoke neighborhood.

Mobile Food Bank of Western Massachusetts

Our organization is partnering with the Mobile Food Bank of Western Massachusetts with a shared goal to increase access to nutritious foods and to reach families and individuals in need.  Follow us on Facebook for updated information.

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