We’re Holyoke’s Community Development Corporation. We’re a social enterprise. We’re mission driven.

Every resident of Holyoke should live in a dignified home and a safe, attractive neighborhood. Everything OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation does is intended to help fulfill that need.

Michael Moriarty, Executive Director

One Holyoke CDC - Holyoke, MAMichael Moriarty has served as Executive Director of OneHolyoke CDC since 2013, dedicated to the organization’s mission of transforming distressed neighborhoods and improving lives for residents of the City of Holyoke. In 2015, Governor Charlie Baker appointed Moriarty to serve on the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. He has spent his career fighting for early literacy success for all children and closing the achievement gap, especially in Gateway Cities. Moriarty was selected as a 2014 Difference Maker by BusinessWest for his commitment to taking on early literacy. Learn more about Moriarty and early literacy.

Board of Directors

Board Officers

Ivie Cordero


Walter Nalesnik 

Maria Pagan


Maurice N. Lacasse
Lifetime Member

Board of Directors

Jesse Castellano

Eric Mattos

Linda Pratt


Rosa Pantoja




Statement regarding  equity, inclusion and diversity

OneHolyoke CDC’s Board members, management & employees are committed to building positive relationships with all people with whom we come in contact. Our mission speaks to providing dignified homes. This cannot be achieved unless we are intentional about treating every resident of our apartments, every purchaser of our homes, all recipients of our grants, and everyone in the community respectfully, professionally and in a spirit of goodwill and solidarity. We must be unfailingly anti-racist, and advocate for just treatment for every segment of our community. We aim to help members of our community speak with their own voice, and not presume to decide what is best for others. We aim to promote agency and self-sufficiency. We are committed to being responsive and self-reflective if we are ever suggested to have failed in our ideals. Under our current leadership, we have significantly increased the diversity of our board of directors and workforce. We have increased our bilingual capacity among our office staff. We can and will focus on enhancing our capacity for self-reflection at all levels of the organization. In the fast paced environment of property management, development, and community engagement, doing so is often a challenge because of the demands of time and attention to day to day tasks. We are committed to addressing improved equity, inclusion and diversity by scheduling staff and board trainings and retreats as time and resources allow.