OneHolyoke CDC - Holyoke, MA

Senator Donald F. Humason, Jr. and Michael J. Moriarty, President of OneHolyoke CDC

Founded in 1971, OneHolyoke CDC is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to improving housing for low- and moderate-income Holyoke residents. Since its establishment, the organization has created over 160 new homes in the Flats, Churchill and South Holyoke neighborhoods, rehabilitated hundreds of apartments and provided thousands of home improvement grants to homeowners through the Neighborhood Improvement Program.

OneHolyoke builds new homes, improves and manages a portfolio of multi-family buildings and, in partnership with the city, offers loan and grant opportunities to property owners that need to improve their properties. We have a particular focus on the value of homeownership, both for the families we serve and for the social and financial well-being of the City of Holyoke.

OneHolyoke has rehabilitated the historic Hadley Mills Townhouses in the Flats and the Library Park Condominiums in Downtown Holyoke, and has replaced blighted, empty lots with attractive, newly constructed two-family homes sold to qualified low-to-moderate-income buyers – working families who are committed to their neighborhoods and our community, and who contribute to Holyoke’s real estate tax rolls.

In recent years, the housing development agency has diversified its board of directors, expanded its community service outreach, and launched efforts to collaborate with many city agencies and nonprofits that go beyond brick and mortar projects.

In 2014, OneHolyoke became the only certified Community Development Corporation based in the City of Holyoke.

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