Springfield Museums

Another year another trip to the Springfield Museums with the Kelly school kiddos! Here are some photos of the wonderful time we all had. Thanks to the staff at Kelly school and the Museums for piquing interest and curiosity in the minds of our future generations!

Around the World in 80 Days (Performance)

Special thank you to the National Players for the wonderful performances! Also to the sponsors who helped bringing about the plays performed over the weekend. We at OneHolyoke believe in supporting art in all its forms and will continue to introduce our great city to many more plays and artistic functions. As well as showcasing to the world our vibrant art scene. We are grateful for all those in attendance, and look forward to seeing everyone again next year

Around the World in 80 Days (With Food)

A synopsis of last night’s event. A big Thank you to all the restaurants that participated in our “Around the World with food in 80 minutes” event. Thank you to all the people that came and showed their support. OneHolyoke CDC is trully blessed to have had such great community engagement tonight! #Fernandez #Silkbistro #Amadeos #Capripizza#BettyGroceries #SumoJapaneseSteakhouse #PizzaD‘Action #Chipotle#Dinospizzeria #Greekplace #Bamboohouse #Holyokehummus. These local places made tonight possible. Please support our local restaurants. Don’t miss out on our play next week at Peck Middle School 7pm! See you all soon!! #SupportLocalBusinesses ?by The Recluse

Ticket Giveaway to Around The World in 80 Days!

Ticket Giveaway to Around The World in 80 Days! Come to the Holyoke Mall at Ingleside today April 20th between 12pm-5p, as we give away free tickets to the first 20 students of any Holyoke School. Show your school ID and get tickets for your entire family. Look for us on the second floor near Target!

Keep it Clean 2K19

Thank you to the community members that came out today to kickoff our #keepitclean2k19 campaign. Look at our event schedule to host your own or to join ours. Lets help Holyoke stay clean!

Volunteer Dinner

Volunteer Dinner at 43 Canal st The Flats Community Center. We’d like to extend an immense thank you to all our volunteers for the never relenting efforts in making a difference on our community. We look forward to seeing you all again as we continue our mission

Incredibles 2

OneHolyoke CDC’s Flats Community Building Center Family Movie nights presents the Incredibles2.
Family movie nights are designed to provide community residents with a night out at the movies for the family. Entrance is free of charge; popcorn, snacks and beverages will be available for purchase.
Seats are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis so please arrive on time.
Door open at 6:00pm!
OneHolyoke CDC’s Flats Community Building Center Las noches de películas familiares presentan al Incredibles2.
Las noches de películas familiares están diseñadas para ofrecer a los residentes de la comunidad una salida nocturna en el cine para la familia. La entrada es gratuita; palomitas de maíz, bocadillos y bebidas estarán disponibles para su compra.
Los asientos son limitados y están disponibles según el orden de llegada. Llegue a tiempo.
¡Puerta abierta a las 6:00pm!