3rd Annual “I Can Be Anyone I Want To Be” Career Fair

3rd Annual Career Fair

The career fair organized by Kelly School and OneHolyoke was a fantastic opportunity for the Holyoke community! With such a diverse range of organizations participating, attendees would have had the chance to explore various career paths and learn about different job opportunities available to them. From public service agencies like the Holyoke Fire Department and the Holyoke Police Department to healthcare providers like Holyoke Medical Center and counseling services like River Valley Counseling, there’s something for everyone. It’s great to see community organizations coming together to support residents in their career development and job search efforts. Such events can make a real difference in people’s lives by connecting them with valuable resources and employment opportunities. Thank you to all the Attendees:

Holyoke Fire Department

Sullivan Metals

Nuestra Raíces

Positive Regard Network

UMass Amherst

River Valley Counseling

Masshire Holyoke

Western Massachusetts Council Boy Scouts of America

Hampden County Sheriffs Office

Holyoke Medical Center

Bank ESB

Golden Years Homecare Services

Holyoke Police Department

State Police

YMCA of Holyoke

Florence Bank