Salome Moreno, Holyoke High School student

“Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move” by Reece Jones

The book was a gift from a professor of an ethnic studies and social justice course whose class I had sat
in for a demonstration. The book starts with a narrative, later progresses into discussing statics and
facts about the issues about strict borders and the despair of refugees. Violent Borders: Refugees and
the Right to Move is a brutally honest telling of the struggles of avoiding conflict and I love that there is
no sugar coating of it. As a child of immigrants, the book gives you a realization about the brutal struggles of moving to
another country as an immigrant. Violent Borders shows the corruptness of a system that is meant to
keep the wealth in regulated sectors. Knowing this motivates me to keep going in my venture for social
justice and bring justice to the various people like my parents who have sacrificed everything to make a
better life for themselves.

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