OneHolyoke’s #KeepItClean2K20 Campaign

Where: 1 Main Street, Holyoke

Lawler Insurance parking lot

Saturday September 26, from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM

OneHolyoke CDC will host the final clean-up of the campaign on Saturday September 26th from 10am-12pm. All safety and cleaning supplies will be provided to all participants. We hope to have the entire city cleaning a different street in Holyoke. We will meet at 1 Main St (Lawler Insurance Parking Lot) at 9:30am before departure to gather supplies. Come join us then or anytime during the route. We will be going down Main and Race St.Thanks, #KeepItClean2K20

OneHolyoke CDC estará organizando la última limpieza de #KeepItClean2K20. Este sábado 26 de septiembre nos reuniremos a las 9:30 en el 1 Main Street en Holyoke. (estacionamiento de Lawler Insurance). A las 10am iremos limpiando por la Main Street asta Cabot Street y regresaremos por Race Street.  OneHolyoke tendrá disponible mascarillas y guantes para protegernos de covid-19. También tendremos rastrillos, agarradores y bolsas de basura para recoger la basura. Nos gustaría que todos en la ciudad de Holyoke si no pueden atender al evento por lo menos limpien el área donde viven. ¡Gracias! #KeepItClean2k20

OneHolyoke Receives CDBG funds to help clean Holyoke streets and launch their #KeepitClean2K20 Campaign.

Holyoke—OneHolyoke CDC announced it has received $2,000 of Community Development Block Grant funding to support its 2020 #KeepitClean2K20 Campaign in Holyoke’s downtown neighborhoods.
OneHolyoke has taken a leadership position in cleaning Holyoke streets for the past two years by organizing weekly clean-ups from Spring to Summer. Keepitclean2K18 and Keepitclean2K19 created great relationships with community members taking responsibility in cleaning their streets.
OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization, will be hosting a cleaning campaign again. Starting Saturday July 25th 2020 at 10 am from the Flats Community Building, 43 Canal Street in Holyoke, OneHolyoke will host one clean-up at the Flats Community Building, every forth Saturday of the month through September. We will support an additional three to four cleanups a month with several community partners. Holyoke organizations are encouraged to volunteer to host their own cleaning events. We will provide and have readily available cleaning supplies and tools for other partners hosting their own clean-up. Weekly neighborhood clean ups will run through the Fall, with an end goal of #KeepItClean2K20 city wide cleanup event on September 26th 2020.
According to Nayroby Rosa-Soriano, OneHolyoke Director of Community Engagement and Resident Services, “The city of Holyoke’s residents enjoys taking care of their streets and providing support to clean certain problem areas”.
Nayroby said, “Last year we had over fifteen partners organize a clean-up and over one hundred folks participate”.
The campaign will specifically focus on cleaning streets in Holyoke. Holyoke residents may participate individually by cleaning their yard, sweeping their steps, or raking leaves. While doing so, take a minute, snap a photo and share on social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, using the hashtag #KeepItClean2K20. Developing an awesome collage of community cleaning assisting, furthering the mission of #KeepItClean2k20 of inspiring a sense of ownership throughout the city. Hashtag #KeepItClean2K20 is a way of keeping the community connected throughout the initiative, allowing residents or partners to participate at their own convenience.
We ask that anyone who wishes to participate in any sort of spring, summer or fall cleaning, please share a photo with #KeepItClean2K20. For more information, for supplies, for support, or to be included in the hosting rotation, please contact Community Engagement Director Nayroby Rosa-Soriano of OneHolyoke CDC at 413-409-2004, or via email at

OneHolyoke's #KeepItClean2K20 Campaign